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The best Android keyboard apps


Tap tap tap away with these great keyboards for your Android phones and tablets.

Keyboards are important. Really important. Without a good keyboard, communicating on a smartphone can go from heavenly bliss straight back to teeth-pulling torture. Keyboards are also one of the most important apps you select from a security standpoint, as they are by their very nature keyloggers. And while most users will never really need to worry about if their keyboard is stealing their emails and passwords as they type it in, it is something that you should keep in mind if you're checking out a keyboard that you know absolutely nothing about.
There are a number of great keyboards out there, each with its own features, flaws, and followings. There are utterly simplistic keyboards and bleeding-edge keyboards with a longer list of features than some smartphones. Finding a keyboard that fits you and your lifestyle can be a bit daunting.
Whatever your style may be, these are the five best Android keyboard apps that we think stand above the rest, and may be worthy of composing your LOLs and WTFs.