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Password Boss Premium


Syncs passwords across Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Free one-device edition available. Secure browser. Fills Web forms. Captures data typed into Web forms. Secure sharing. Actionable security report.

No Mac support. Couldn't capture some logins in testing. Password generator default too short. Awkward handling of multiple personal data entries.

Bottom Line
Password Boss Premium is slick and full-featured enough that you'd hardly guess it's a brand-new entry in the password-management field.

More and more consumers are becoming aware of just how dangerous it is to use the same password everywhere, or to use a weak, easy-to-remember password. It's not surprising that password management is a growing market sector. Password Boss Premium ($29.99 per year) is the newest entry in this field, but it's full-featured enough that you'd hardly guess it's version 1.0.

You can install Password Boss on all your PC, iOS, and Android devices and seamlessly sync data between them; Mac support is in the works. For $69.99 you can get a five-license family pack and really make use of Password Boss's sharing features.